Lulz here.


So I must be a retard. I had my clothes in the dryer for an hour, went to check on them, and they were still cold. I then put them in for another hour and still they were cold. After cussing out the dryer, I realized that I had it on wrinkle release.


I want to spit on everybody. Seriously, I'm just going to start spewing, phelming, and sneezing on people...the lady in the checkout line who insists that the out of date coupons she has should still be good, the cashier who charged me twenty dollars for a pack of cigarettes and monster because she can't run register, the women from the bank who called me then asked me to hold, and people in general who treat an otherwise trivial affair or predicament like a happening of catosrophic proportions. I want to excrete on them all, but surely I don't have enough saliva, feces, snot, and piss for all of them.


Lights in the Sky

I just got home from seeing Nine Inch Nails. Best show ever.

There were all of these crazy light screens, fog machines, and stage lights, it's not just my camera being shitty.


I went to Pittsburgh today to see Barack Obama speak. I was so close I could see him spit while he talked once. I even got to shake his hand. It was awesome.



Very old, red and white checkered terry cloth wristband. It once belonged to a friend of mine who's not here anymore and I lost track of it a long time ago, but if I've happened to have left it at any of your houses be kind and tell me . It would mean the world to me. It's probably disintegrated by now anyway, but I figured I should ask.